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Basic butter cream cake

-chocolate or vanilla with a Suisse butter cream filling

6” (6-8 portions) from $15,

8” (12-15 portions) from $25,

10” (20-25 portions) $45


Standard cake

- Chocolate, vanilla, Oreo, hazelnut, cookie dough, chocolate mousse (white and milk chocolate)

6” (6-8 portions) $18,

8” (12-15 portions) $28,

10” (20-25 portions) $48


Premium cakes

-red velvet, carrot, lemon, German chocolate, black forest, strawberry shortcake, cheesecake

6” (6-8 portions) $20,

8” (12-15 portions) $30,

10” (20-25 portions) $50


Candy cakes

Prices vary depending on candy choices

6” (6-8 portions) from $ 25,

8” (12-15 portions) from $40,

10” (20-25 portions) from $65


Butter cream Slab cakes

Prices vary depending on decorations

9x13 (25-30 serv) from $50

11x15 (40-50 serv) from $65

15x18 (50-60 serv) from $85

16x22 (70-80 serv) from $125


Other cake sizes available upon request: heart, square, flower, paisley, pillow, hexagon, oval, diamond



Prices vary depending on flavour and type of decorations

Basic Cupcakes


Individual - from $2.25 each

Four-  from $9

six- from  $12

dozen -  from  $22


Dozen-  from $12

Two dozen- from $22


Premium  Cupcakes (including cheesecake)


Individual- from $2.40 each

Four - from $9

six - from  $13.5

dozen - from  $24


Dozen - from $13

Two dozen - from $24



Shoe cupcakes Your choice of design and colour:

8 in buttercream - from $22

8 in fondant - from $24


Themed Cupcakes in butter cream or fondant

Dozen large cupcakes – from $24


Chocolate dipped treats

Basic (coloured chocolate drizzle, coloured sprinkles)

Gourmet (toffee bits, coloured chocolate chips)

Other decorations available upon request



basic $1 ea,

gourmet $1.25 ea


Rice Krispies:

basic $1.25 ea,

gourmet $1.50 ea


Oreo cookies:

basic $1.50 ea,

gourmet  $1.75 ea


Pretzel rods:

basic $2 ea,

gourmet  $2.50 ea



Your choice of toppings (prices will vary with the season)


Cake pops:

Basic from $1.25 (Prices vary depending on flavour and type of decorations)

Sugar cookies decorated with fondant or printed images - Prices vary depending on flavour and type of decorations, prices available upon request.



Sugar cookie, chocolate chip, oatmeal (or with raisins), gingerbread, ginger snap, cherry, snickerdoodles, chocolate macaroons 

Individual $.75 / dozen $7.50

Bag and bow additional $.25 each

Dark Fruitcake (with brandy)/ Coffee cake

Large loaf $12.50, mini loaf $3.50


Rice Cereal Treats with chocolate (also available in gluten free) Nanaimo Squares, Butter Tarts, Lemon Squares, Brownies, Raspberry Macaroon bars,

Individual $1.50  

8x8 square $15


Fondant Icing:


This type of icing is sugar dough that is rolled onto cakes. It’s a pretty; very smooth icing that comes in multiple colours and flavours. Fondant is more expensive because it uses marshmallows to make it more malleable and some find it very sweet but it does provide very detailed decorations such as flowers and ruffles.

Butter Cream Icing: This type of icing is used with shortening or butter and can be infused with any flavour. It can be used as a cake filling or to decorate the outside of a cake as flowers or borders. This is a more economical way to go but some fondant decorations don’t hold their shape well on butter cream cakes.

Whipped Icing:  This type of icing consists of uses either a whipped cream or a meringue as its base.  It tends not do well in the heat or outdoors and should be kept in the fridge until being served. This type of icing is very difficult to get smooth and is mainly for fillings but it can be used to roughly cover the exterior of a cake but it is not recommended for making flowers or borders as it is difficult to hold its shape. You are also limited on flavours and colours that can be added to it.


Cake and filling information:

Our standard cake comes with one filling flavour between two layers of cake.  If you have a multi-tier cake you may choose different flavours for each tier.  All cake and fillings are peanut -free but the choices of flavors and fillings for the sugar free, gluten free and vegan cakes and cupcakes are limited. Please contact Tammy’s Creative Cakes for your options.

All cake flavours can be paired with any of the fillings to create a customized dessert perfect for you particular event .They can also be made into a cupcake, however keep in mind some flavours may not co-ordinate well with the decorations or toppers chosen for your event.

This is just a list to better help you understand your options but they are not set in stone. All cakes, fillings and flavours should be discussed with Tammy’s Creative Cakes so we can find the right combination for your special custom cake.


Wedding Cakes

Traditionally wedding cakes are an elaborately decorated and tiered cake with the top tier being a fruitcake to be saved to be eaten at a later date. Breaking from tradition, "a wedding cake" can be any type of baking recipe, dessert or edible arrangement served in a decorative display. Cupcakes, cookies, chocolate and fruit, and even cheese arranged in tiers to look like a cake. There are dozens of wonderful combinations of cake, filling, and frosting and Tammy’s Creative Cakes would be pleased to help with your selection.

Your custom wedding cake will be made from fresh ingredients and together we will collaborate in creating a wedding cake specifically tailored to your personal tastes.  Typically wedding cakes have two layers of filling and three layers of cake but this can be adjusted based on the design and budget. All specialty fondant cakes and wedding cakes are priced on an individual basis which is determined by cake size, cake flavour, fillings and type of decorations.

There are also many stands and displays available for rent . A deposit is required for all items and will be refunded upon safe return of rented items within 48 hrs. Prices for each individual item vary in price but items can also be combined for a reduced price. If items are not returned on time there is a $5 fee for each additional day.

Cake Testing is available for a fee of $25 per couple unless the order is over $200 then there is no charge. Clients may choose between 3-5 cake flavours and 3-5 fillings to sample. Also included is a sample of the regular buttercream and fondant. 


These sessions are 1½ hours - 2 hours are by appointment only and should be scheduled minimum 1 month before the wedding.  At this time a deposit is required and a receipt will be provided with the details of your dessert.

Payment of the balance is divided into two payments. Half is required three weeks before the event and the balance on the day of the event.  Cash, check or E-transfer is accepted.

The delivery and set up charges to local areas are already included into the price of the wedding cake. Depending on the location and required set up at the event there may be an extra gas fee added to your order.

Toppers are usually required by the clients but Tammy’s Creative Cakes can provide gum paste flowers /figures and fresh/silk flowers. These need to be ordered at least one month before the event. Prices are on an individual basis.



The cake is one of the most important parts of every birthday celebration and should have significant consideration when planning a party. These novelty cakes tend to be special and are often decorated, being associated with life's milestones. Weather it is a first birthday or for a retiree, these designs are very unique and will never be forgotten. There is nothing more important than celebrating each stepping stone in one’s life and what‘s a celebration without cake.

Today, cakes are a little different. These cakes can be made in all different shapes, sizes and flavors and are very popular and match the party theme. Choose the birthday celebrant’s favorite flavor or make it fit in with a personal theme. All fondant cakes are priced on an individual basis based on complexity, size, cake flavour and fillings.

Over the years Tammy’s Creative Cakes has created many unique cakes and no matter what type of occasion or budget, we are sure to have something special to accommodate your event. Each cake is custom made to your specifications. Get ideas from previously made cakes or bring your own ideas.

To place customized orders, please call or e-mail 7 to 14 days before your special event.


Delivery is available; please check with us for availability.

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